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Credit Union Direct Lending - CUDL

Northwest Honda is a proud CUDL dealer! We have been a CUDL dealer for over 10 years and financing could not be easier! We set up new accounts and join customers with existing bank and credit union relationships every day! We get asked a lot what CUDL is, here is that information!

Who is CU Direct? 
CUDL was created in 1994 to provide a fast and easy method of credit union financing at local dealerships. Today the program spans 49 states, representing more than 20 million credit union members, 650 credit unions and 9,500 dealerships.



What is CUDL® (pronounced “cuddle”)?
CUDL® is the system developed by CU Direct to facilitate access to credit union financing at local dealers like Northwest Honda. Look for the CUDL brand in the window of Northwest Honda or just ask your sales person for “credit union financing.”

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Why should I use a participating CUDL dealer over another dealer?
When visiting a Northwest Honda you are able to get credit union financing right at the dealership without having to return to the branch. If you are currently not a credit union member you may be eligible to sign up on the spot. This makes buying a vehicle fast and convenient!

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How do I get a great deal on my next vehicle purchase?
To get the best deal on your next vehicle, configure your new vehicle in the “Build” section or search the "Inventory" section of this website. Then choose a method of communicating with us. You can do this by email or telephone, whichever you prefer. It’s that easy!

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Do I need to get pre-approved before going vehicle shopping?
No, your credit union has partnered with Northwest Honda, a CUDL dealerships in your area so the approval process will happen right at the dealership with the same rate and terms available at your local branch.

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I signed loan papers at the CUDL dealership; do I need to go back to the credit union?
No, all documents signed at the dealership will be sent to the credit union. There are no further documents to handle at the credit union; everything is done right at Northwest Honda. 

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My credit union offers loan discounts for automatic payments.  Can I set up the auto loan payments to be taken from my checking account?
Yes you can. However, all automatic payments and their discounts must be set up with the credit union after the loan is finalized as the dealership has no access to your personal accounts. This can usually be done by mail or fax. Contact your credit union for details about automatic payments. We can help you with that!

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How do I know if my credit union or a dealership is participating in the CUDL Program?
All participants should have the CUDL logo on their front window, just like we do here at Northwest Honda. If you do not see the brand, then ask one of our friendly staff.

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What is a credit union?
A credit union is a member-owned cooperative financial institution that is not-for-profit. Since credit unions exist solely to serve their member-owners, they are able to offer competitive rates on your saving investments and loans. Each year members have the ability to select candidates for the Board of Directors among their peers, to represent them in setting the credit union's policies.

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Can anyone join a credit union?
Almost anyone can join a credit union. It’s just a matter of finding what credit union you are eligible to join. Criteria for joining a credit union can include where you live, where you work, religious affiliation, ethnic group or associations to which you belong. Use the “How to Join a Credit Union” feature in order to find what credit unions you are able to join.

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